Online Conflict Coaching & Mediation Pilot Program (6 Months - 1 Year)

with John Kinyon



Tuition Payment

  • The requested tuition is $300 per month.

  • To give the full amount for Level 1 (first 6 month phase) in one payment ($1800), click on the button below.

  • To give a full amount for Level 2 (second 6 month phase), click on the button below.

The online conflict coaching and mediation program is for people who want to develop their abilities to offer coaching to individuals dealing with conflict and challenges, and to mediate conflicts and difficult conversations between people. In this online training, participants learn and practice with the Mediate Your Life (MYL) approach, based in the work of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and will include integration of nondual consciousness and soul. I see mediation as an aspect of coaching. When I (John) mediate, I am actually coaching in NVC/MYL distinctions, skills, and maps. So, this is a conflict coaching program that includes mediation. 

The Level 1 of the Pilot (first 6 months) will go from April 25 and through November 7. There will be 1.5 hour weekly live sessions will be on Zoom video conferencing and happen from 12-1:30pm Pacific (California) Time. The whole program will be offered in two levels: Level 1 (first 6 month phase, learning and practice), and Level 2 (second 6 month phase, support for working with actual clients).

Additional individual and group mentoring with me will also be available, depending on space in my schedule.

Prerequisite: I am intending this first 6 month pilot of the online program to be primarily for people who I already have some connection with in some way, such as attending a Mediate Your Life training, collaborating with me on a project, or doing coaching together. It is also for people who have been actively and regularly practicing Nonviolent Communication (NVC) for at least one year, including attending trainings and participating in NVC practice groups and empathy partner practice. I am willing to make exceptions to having worked with me in some way previously, depending on circumstances.

The Online Program
The weekly live sessions will primarily focus on demonstrations of me coaching others in role play practice. We’ll pause the role playing often to harvest and learn together as a group from what has been happening. There will be some time at the beginning and the end of the sessions for people to share how they are learning, integrating, and in inquiry with the learning and practice happening outside of the weekly live sessions. I will provide an outline of topics, which can be adjusted based on group feedback and requests.

The training will provide in-depth experiential learning and practice using the Mediate Your Life processes, or "maps," for conflict coaching and mediation. There will be learning resources (written, audio, video), peer practice, connection, and support. I also plan to bring in the importance for me of exploring how to apply in a practical, doable, and useful way an experience of nondual consciousness and soul, as well as empathic community-building and engaging at the social-political level. The program will be facilitated in a co-creative and mutual learning way. It will support people to explore how these dimensions resonate in their own experience and fit within their unique expression of how they see their work evolving. My larger vision is that empathic communication skills, practices, and community are recognized in the cultural mainstream as an integral part of health and wellness, and part of humanity's evolution toward responding together to the challenges we face and creating a healthy and sustainable world.

The MYL processes, or maps, for individual coaching include: Internal Mediation, Self-Forgiveness (Chooser-Educator), Preparing for Difficult Conversations (Enemy Image Process), Practicing Difficult Conversations (Intensity Exercise), Requests/Agreements, Need Behind the No, Interpersonal Mediation, 3Chairs Process for Difficult Conversations, Debriefing for Resilience (Mourn Celebrate Learn), and the Healing & Reconciliation process for making amends and healing role play.

The training also offers deep learning and practice in the 5-step Mediation Model and 9 mediation skills, developed over many years in the Mediate Your Life program. Practicing in the role of mediator, you dial up and down the difficulty/intensity level in role play practice to customize your learning experience in a safe, supportive learning environment. To maximize learning and growth, you rotate through the roles of mediator and disputants, give and receive supportive peer feedback, and receive in-the-moment coaching. The training will also offer the Healing & Reconciliation map for mediating conflicts based in emotional hurt, as well as maps for pre- and post-mediation with clients and mediator self-care. 

You will be able to dial up and down the difficulty level to customize your learning, and maximize your growth by playing the roles of both coach and client, give and receive supportive peer feedback, and receive in-the-moment coaching. 

In addition, I will be experimenting with a peer evaluation certification process for those who want more than just a certificate of completion. 

Learning Modules/Topics

Individual Coaching

  • Preparing for a Difficult Conversation (Enemy Image Process/EIP, 3 role plays)

  • Practicing for a Difficult Conversation (Intensity Exercise/Practice, Connection and Solution Requests)

  • Having a Difficult Conversation (Interpersonal Mediation/IPM process, 3Chairs Process, role playing)

  • Debriefing for Resilience (Mourn Celebrate Learn/MCL process)

  • Self-Forgiveness (Chooser-Educator/C-E process)

  • Inner Clarity and Decision-Making (Internal Mediation/IM process)

  • Healing & Reconciliation (H&R) process — making amends and healing role play

Coaching in Mediation

  • 5-Step Mediation Model and 4-step Healing & Reconciliation (H&R) process

  • 9 Mediation Skills (elements of empathy, connection requests, pulling by the ears, emergency empathy, tracking, interrupting, self-empathy, self-expression, solution requests and agreements)

  • Pre-mediation session(s)

  • Post-mediation session(s)

  • Mediator self-care

 Other Modules

  • The coaching relationship — collaborative learning, leading/guiding/directing vs. following, process and content, ethics, empathic community, trauma and addiction

  • Conflict coaching phases — Engagement Conversation, coaching agreement, foundation distinctions and skills, learning and applying the maps

  • Sharing the foundation distinctions and skills

    • OFNR (OFN, then R, for self, then OFNR for other)

    • Self-Connection Practice (mindfulness, nonduality, spirituality)

    • Elements of Empathy for speaking and listening in conversation

    • Solution requests, hearing and saying "no," Need Behind the No practice

  • The business of coaching and mediating (creating a website, marketing, etc.)