Mediate Your Life Training Program 

For Deep Skill Development

John is co-founder of the Mediate Your Life public training program that is composed of four-day workshop intensives that happen in different parts of the U.S. and also internationally (South Korea, Poland, Holland, Italy). 

The training gives you the ability to respond to internal and external difficulties and challenges in your life — personal, work, political — in a way that creates well being and the life and world you envision, one conversation at a time. In the training, you learn how to navigate difficult conversations and conflicts using communication skills and mediation "maps" that integrate empathy, mindfulness, and a mediation framework that produces compassion and collaboration. You learn to mediate conversations within yourself, between yourself and others, and between others, both formally and informally. 

The Mediate Your Life program is based in the international work of Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC), as well as neuroscience and the science of habit change. You gain the ability to consciously evolve and "rewire" your brain and nervous system to return to connection when there is disconnection, tap the power of conflict for new possibilities, and work together to find solutions to challenges. 

The training is for people who want to use the skills for formal and professional application as well as personal growth. 

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"The mediation series provided me with practical yet powerful skills for resolving conflict - in my own life and the lives of others. I've been a "peacemaker" at heart all of my life. However, prior to this training, I didn't have the tools to translate my intention into action. Since the workshop I have gone on to do several successful mediations with clients in my private practice as well as friends and family. If only I would have learned these skills 15 years ago! John & Ike's mastery of the material, depth of experience and integrity in living the process are exceptional. I highly recommend this training!”
—Chris Kresser
“I am in awe of the process...still holding this sense of "Wow" over what happened at the first mediation. I was worried about it too, something around my own confidence, and asked for some practice help beforehand to role-play it. I found that incredibly helpful too...It's so great to have other players to practice with!! And I have been asked to do ANOTHER mediation! If I do this one it will be #4. I'm in awe of these requests for me to mediate. It's like there's something miraculous happening...these mediations are dropping out of the sky onto me. I'm holding them so tenderly, and with deep gratitude to be part of this sacred process. John and Ike's mediation training gave me the tools to navigate my internal world as I vacillate between times of calm and times of storm. Because these tools support my self-understanding, they also support me in areas of self-care, self-responsibility, and self-growth. Additionally, these tools provide a way into understanding others. All of my relationships have improved. This training has given me the link to the deeper understanding of myself, and others. I've found it to be the doorway of understanding to the experience of being human, and the bridge that connects us all to one.”
—Joan Judson
“I am extremely grateful for the challenge, learning, support, deep connections and community that I felt in the retreat, and am experiencing in my triads, dyads, and daily connections with others, and in strengthening my relationship with myself. John and Ike, this is one of the most transformational things I've ever done in my life - and I can only say my deepest heart-felt thank you to you for all the work you've done internally and in the world - to be where/who you are - and gift me and all of us this amazing experience that is rippling out into the world in this very moment.”
—Jill Edwards Minyé
“Thank you for coming to Australia and leading the Sydney retreat. I have been telling my friends that I have experienced a slice of heaven, over 25 folk living in this wonderful harmony of healing, learning, deepening, caring, crying and laughing. I experienced a safety and affirmation that encouraged my creative wings to flap happily!”
—Jana Krins
“Dear John and Ike, I celebrate that today, for the first time, I have been mediating in a formal mediation, with what I have learned from you  and practiced for half a year in a practice group, as you requested at the training I enjoyed being in with you, in Stockholm, Sweden, September 2009. Not only did I survive, having stepped clearly outside of my comfort zone in accepting the offer to mediate, but we celebrated afterwards and booked another meeting to continue what we started today. It was a total joy to see the two people before me, a divorced couple, hearing each other in more fulfilling ways and starting to share things with each other that they had never shared before. I continue to be grateful and inspired by what you taught me and enjoy taking this time to celebrate with you how your work is supporting me in having the guts to step forward, make a difference, and take steps I have dreamed of for years but only now have taken, to be the change I want to see in the world by spreading NVC through mediation.”
—Joakim Svahn

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