Monthly Free Online MYL Community Practice Sessions with John.
First Fridays of the month (unless otherwise posted), 12-1pm Pacific. This online practice session is for people who have participated in the Mediate Your Life (MYL) training program. It is an opportunity to connect or re-connect with this community for sharing, practice, and support. If you are new to this work and interested in checking it out, you are welcome to observe and ask questions. The sessions include: sharing of celebrations and challenges using the skills and maps, Q&A, demonstrations, and practice. The meetings happen through Zoom video conferencing system. To join the practice session, click on this link: You can join by computer or call in by phone (US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833 or +1 408 638 0968. Meeting ID: 468 797 381. International numbers available: For information help about Zoom and how to use it, click here.


Free introductory webinar with John
Next one TBD, coming soon

In this one hour introductory webinar, John will demonstrate his approach to the skills and practices of empathic communication and talk about his Mediate Your Life training program for building empathic community and culture in our lives and organizations. Click the button below for more information and to register.


mediate Your life HANDOUTS

OFNR Distinctions [Click to Open]
Choosing Peace OFNR Practices [Click to Open]
Feelings & Needs Sheet [Click to Open]
Feelings vs. "Faux Feelings" Sheet [Click to Open]
Self-Connection Practice (SCP) [Click to Open]
Elements of Empathy [Click to Open]
3Chairs Process for Difficult Conversations [Click to Open]
Intensity Exercise, partner practice [Click to Open]
Interpersonal Mediation (IPM) process [Click to Open]
Solution Requests and Need Behind the No (NBN) process [Click to Open]
Enemy Image Process (EIP) [Click to Open]
Mourn Celebrate Learn (MCL) process [Click to Open]
Click here to link to more handouts on the website

Empathy Cards
- GROK Cards created and developed by CNVC trainers Christine King and Jean Morrison
- Empathy Set Cards for Developing EQ by mediator and organizational trainer John Ford.


Introduction to Empathic Communication_Video
Introduction to Empathic Communication_Audio

Self-Empathy with OFNR
Observation vs. Evaluation_video
Observation vs. Evaluation_audio
Feeling vs. Thinking_video
Feeling vs. Thinking_audio
Need vs. Strategy_video
Need vs. Strategy_audio
Request vs. Demand_video
Request vs. Demand_audio

Self-Connection Practice/OFNR Mindfulness (Breath, Body, Need)

Practice Group Videos with John and Ike
Watch John and Ike present and demonstrate the "maps" of the Mediate Your Life approach to use for yourself and also for leading a practice group. Click here to link to this Resource page on the website.

recommended Meditation Apps

  • The Waking Up Course, mindfulness and nonduality meditation app by Sam Harris

  • Headspace

  • 10% Happier

  • Insight Timer guided meditations (I particularly like Stephen Procter)

  • Calm

  • Simple Habit

  • Gratitude/appreciation meditations

  • Mourning/grieving mediations

nvc learning opportunities in the SF Bay ARea

Other NVC Books, Recordings, Websites


  • Check to see if there are NVC practice groups or empathy circles near you.

  • The Ongo Book, by Catherine Cadden & Jessie Wiens. Start your own group with the help of this wonderful book!

  • NVC Mediation Weekly Practice Group, led by Jan Blum. Wednesdays 5pm Eastern, USA. Email Jan for more info:

Recommended Complimentary Bodies of Work

Consciousness and Nonduality

  • Sam Harris and The Waking Up Course, mindfulness and nonduality meditation app by Sam. Also, see Sam’s book Waking Up.

  • Rupert Spira. Nonduality spiritual teacher. Tremendous clarity on understanding and practicing nonduality. See YouTube videos.

  • Eckhart Tolle. Spiritual teacher. Books: A New Earth, Stillness Speaks, The Power of Now. See YouTube videos.

  • David Whyte. Poet, author, speaker. The conversational nature of reality. Poetry and organizations. Authenticity, compassion and courageous conversations. I particularly recommend listening to David's talks.

  • Francis Weller. Soul and grief work. He has written books, and I highly recommend purchasing his audio programs.

  • Byron Katie and The Work. Spiritual teacher. A Mind At Home with Itself, is her newest book.

  • Three Principles — consciousness, mind, thought. Originated by Scottish welder turned spiritual teacher Sydney Banks. See also YouTube videos.

  • On Having No Head, book by Douglas Harding. See also The Headless Way website.


  • Sarah Peyton, book, Your Resonant Self. NVC, truma, and interpersonal neurobiology. See Sarah’s website for guided meditations and other learning material.

  • Peter Levine, pioneer in the trauma field. Developed body of work called Somatic Experiencing.

  • Dan Siegal, interpersonal neurobiology, neuroscience, trauma, consciousness.

  • Gabor Mate. Trauma and addiction.

  • Richard Schwartz and Internal Family Systems (IFS), book, Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts.

  • Mark Epstein, book The Trauma of Everyday Life.

  • Stephen Porges. Relationship between the autonomic nervous system, social-emotional processes, and nonverbal communication; neural regulation.

  • Russel Brand, book Recovery: Freedom From Addiction.



recommended videos

recommended PODCASTS and websites

  • The Good Life Project

  • Greater Good Science Center. A wonderful resource for science-based information on positive psychology, mindfulness, compassion, emotional and social intelligence, etc.

  • On Being, with Krista Tippett

  • Sounds True, Tami Simon. The world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work — Mike Robbins [particularly episodes May 8-June 12, 2018]

  • Website and online magazine dedicated to all things mindfulness. Great information and resources.

  • Happy Wanderers podcast. Mindfulness and Nonviolent Communication (NVC).