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Upcoming Introductory Evenings

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Thurs May 2, 6:30-8:30pm, Nashville, TN
Glendale United Methodist Church
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Friday May 31, 7-9pm, Berkeley, CA
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Thurs June 20, 6:30-8:30pm, Berkeley, CA
Rudramandir Center
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Introductory Community Evenings with John

The evenings are free and consist of demonstrations, connection and community, and Q&A. Donations for the evening can be given. All are welcome!

John Kinyon’s mission is to help people respond to challenges in their lives in a way that creates empathic connection and collaboration, and to be able to respond to the tremendous challenges humanity now faces. His work grows out of co-developing an international body of work and learning community called Mediate Your Life (MYL), a program that integrates Nonviolent Communication (NVC) with a mediation framework, mindfulness, and neuroscience. The work includes universal distinctions of language and awareness, communication skills, and conversation “maps.” People develop the ability to respond to even the most difficult and painful conflicts with empathy and compassion, finding the natural joy and well-being of giving and receiving from the heart.

John’s work is a deep inquiry over two decades into the practical applications of how the communication components of Observation, Feeling, Need, and Request (OFNR) are embodied in a three-chair model of difficult conversations — two opposing polarities and a unifying, integrating third perspective — and how this relates to mindfulness, particularly the relationship between nondual consciousness, soul, and science.

Nonduality, in this approach, is knowing ourselves as awareness, waking from identification with thought, and experiencing the infinite, formless, and eternally present consciousness that we are, one with the wholeness and sacredness of Life, source of love and peace and happiness, within and beyond conflict. This approach is also about apprenticing ourselves to soul, the language of the unconscious, the body, and alchemy of the heart; and the deep fulfillment of following the truth and poetry of our human vulnerability on our life’s journey through the astonishing beauty and harrowing sufferings, challenges and conflicts of the world.

John’s larger vision is that the skills and practices of empathic communication, and empathic community-building, are recognized in the cultural mainstream as integral to health and wellness, and to working together to create a healthy and sustainable world for everyone. He offers multi-day learning community intensives and advanced MYL coaching and mediation trainings in different parts of the U.S. and internationally, and online. Click here for more information on trainings, and here for more information about John and his work.