A Time for Courage and Resourcefulness

Courage and Resroucefulness.png

I believe this is the time to develop our courage and resourcefulness. Modern life is changing more and more rapidly. Ways of thinking from the past are re-surging and trying to hold on with all their strength. What has been stable now feels tenuous and uncertain, ready to fall apart. There is much fear. 

In what is there to put our faith and trust? Certainly not in government, although there are some bright, hopeful lights; and the same for corporations. Religion is losing its hold, and for many the conception of God as well. Belonging in family/community is essential, yet there is often polarization and conflict. What is left to ease our anxiety and fears of the unknown? 

It takes great courage to face our deepest fears of vulnerability and not enough — not being enough, not having enough — and tap into new inner reservoirs of resourcefulness, resilience, and adaptability. It takes tremendous perseverance and not giving up in the face of challenges and failures in the grit of our daily lives. And it takes great compassion, towards all of us, especially towards those whose strategies are most tragic and destructive! 

Let us put faith in ourselves, in our capacity to connect with what is unfathomably deep and whole at the source of us. We have the power of awareness, growing rapidly inside ourselves and collectively; and we have the power of language and action that flows from awareness. With this ability we can, as my mentor Marshall Rosenberg would say, focus our enormous power on the joy of compassionately enriching life and well being for all of us on this beautiful planet. With this power we can do what seems impossible and insurmountable.