Empathic Communication: An Essential Part of the Health and Wellness Movement

Empathy and Health Image.png

I believe the heartbreaking and devastating violence we see in the world comes from people not experiencing the nourishing waters of deep connection, care, and belonging of community. Without this we lose our sanity, health, and well being. At my 4-day intensives I see over and over the power of this kind of community experience and the great need we all have for it as society is changing in so many ways and so rapidly.

I believe that the skills and practices of empathic communication are key to creating the safe space for trust, authenticity, and the nourishing richness of belonging to flourish. My vision is that the health and wellness movement that is now rapidly spreading in the world (e.g. diet, exercise, yoga, mindfulness, meditation) includes the skills and practices of empathic communication. Thank you for what you are doing to support this movement.