3Chairs Project for Difficult Conversations That Change Our World

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Vision & Mission

The vision of the 3Chairs Project is a critical mass of people around the world working together to respond to the challenges we face, and creating a peaceful, healthy, and sustainable world. 

The mission of the project is people having difficult and important conversations — personal, work, political — using a "3 chairs" structure and process that brings mindful awareness, compassion and collaboration to these conversations. It's about hearing and understanding each other in our differences and our pain, without needing to agree, and connecting at the level of our shared humanity to contribute to one another's well being. It's about having conversations that change us, that create the life and relationships we want, and that move us toward the world we envision. 

The 3 chairs structure is two people in conversation, and a "3rd chair" perspective that is mindful/non-thinking awareness (with or without a 3rd person or actual chair present). And there is a 3-part process to the conversation: 1. mutual understanding without agreeing or disagreeing, 2. clarifying human needs, and 3. requests and agreements. The structure and process create a space for authentic, courageous, and empathic communication for working together to find new possibilities and solutions. The project is about having these conversations in our personal and work lives, helping others have them, and sharing the process so it can spread. The project is also about being connected with a global community of people who share this vision and mission and can support each other. 

Would you like to be part of this project and support it? Here are some ways you can:

  • Learn the 3 chairs process from me (John) or someone else.
  • Use it to have the difficult and important conversations in your personal and work life.
  • Help others have these conversations.
  • Share it with individuals, groups, and organizations so the idea and ability can spread.
  • Join the email forum (Google group) for this project so that you can share your experiences and learn from others' experience, feel supported and inspired, and have a sense of community in doing this (Let me know and I can add you to the group).

Contact me at john@johnkinyon.com or more information and if you want me to add you to the google group.